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Top Quality with QualiDent.

Our partners have been over 20 years the specialist in aesthetic crowns and bridges. We offer you as the only Dutch medical travel agency a full VIP treatment, with all the aftercare completely taken care of in the Netherlands, by Dutch specialists. QualiDent is unique and European forerunner in this speciality. Your comfort is our top priority!

The latest technology.

You can be proud of your smile again! We offer 8 years warranty for all of our zirconium crowns and bridges. All of our crowns and bridges are handmade by our very experienced dental technicians and are of the highest quality available.

The dental world is massively shifting towards zirconium crowns and that's not a coincidence! At QualiDent we offer you the highest grade, most modern and innovative crowns made of top-quality materials. Our dental experts solely use the latest technologies available on the market. QualiDent is the only Dutch medical travel agency that offers this at the most affordable rates!

Zirconium crowns and bridges,
top-quality only.

The zirconium crowns and bridges can't be differentiated from your own teeth! They don't contain any metal which gives you a fully natural look to your teeth. You will notice no difference between your own teeth and the zirconium crowns and bridges. Our priority is to offer you the prime market leading solution to all your dental desires.

Zirconium crowns are not just superior to the most common porcelain crowns in durability and heat resistance, but also does not have any metal layers inside of them. This is why we can guarantee you fresh, perfect, natural and healthy looking teeth!

We'll make your teeth shine again, at affordable rates!

How is a zirconium crown or bridge made?

The caps for our crowns are designed with our scanner and computer software. Afterwards they will be perfectly milled into shape in our modern automated designated machines! Because of this process our crowns have a more than perfect fit.

A perfectly fitting zirconium cap will not only result in a very long life span, but also offers the best aesthetic results available. At QualiDent everything is fully custom made for you, using solely the highest grade materials to only deliver you top-quality.

Our method

In 5 easy steps we'll take care of everything.

At QualiDent we carefully guide you through everything and we will take care of the entire process for you.
Request your completely free consult!

The entirely free consult, without obligations

As soon as you request a completely free consult, we'll reach out to you within 2 working days for an appointment at our office in central Amsterdam, located at Herengracht 280. Our specialists will speak to you about your dental desires and answer all your questions. Together with you we will come to a proposition that matches all your personal desires and expectations. During this consult which entirely takes place locally here in the Netherlands we will also make photos of your teeth that will be shared with our doctors.

We make a plan

As soon as our dental experts have judged your consult we will send you our offer. When you confirmed it and everything is alright with our plan and design, we will book your flight, stay and transportation for you.

All you have to do is find a suitable date for yourself, besides that we will take care of the entire planning and organisation tailor-made for you!

VIP travel and residence

You will have a full week to enjoy your luxury 6 star hotel and the beautiful historic city of Istanbul. We will also supply you with a lot of fun and exciting travel advise to turn your treatment into an amazing trip to Istanbul aswell!

While you're enjoying your triple A luxurious stay we will arrange private VIP transport to the clinic and back, to ensure you to have the most relaxed and comforting experience during and around the treatment.

Enjoy the beautiful results.

The treatment itself is completely free of pain. Our very experienced and carefully selected dentists will be extremely diligently at work to provide you with a top-quality result. Your care is our priority.

After around 4 to 5 days after your treatment you will already enjoy your shining new teeth and you can and will want to laugh again!
Customer care is our top priority and focus.

Aftercare in the Netherlands

After 3 months you will have an appointment with one of our trusted partners here in the Netherlands for aftercare.

All of this is included in your package and is completely free of costs.

Our dentists will see if everything is as desired and will clean your new teeth free of additional costs, so you can hit the road with a beautiful shining smile!

Discover QualiDent

Your care is our top priority. After your treatment with our professionals in Istanbul we offer you the full aftercare in the Netherlands. After your treatment you're always able to helped locally with us.

The "Hollywood Smile"

QualiDent is the only international dental clinic that offers this service of a similar standard at an affordable price.

All-inclusive VIP transport

You will be picked up from the airport by our selected drivers, with luxurious comfortable cars. You won't have to care about any transport issues; we'll take care of everything. We will also arrange all the transport in a similar fashion to the clinics and back!


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