We see what a shining bright smile does to you.

Who we are:

We make the Netherlands smile again. At affordable rates.

Our partners are the specialists in aesthetic crowns and bridges and have over 20 years of experience with them.

At QualiDent we deliver professional dental treatments at a very affordable price.

Consults are entirely free, with no strings attached. Feel free to contact us at any time for an appointment!

What we do:

Everything starts with a smile

Good and professional aftercare is just as important as the treatments itself. At QualiDent we deliver prime quality in all aspects of the entire process.

After your treatment in Istanbul we offer you all the aftercare locally, here in the Netherlands.
This means that after your treatment you can come back to us at any time, for all your requests.

Your aftercare includes a full checkup on the results, a complete dental cleaning and we will advise you on how to keep your new teeth clean and healthy in the most optimal way. This is very important to maximize the lifespan of your shining new teeth!

We can proudly say that QualiDent is the only international dental clinic that offers a service like this, and is the prime innovator on the market currently.

Our Values:

You can be proud of your teeth again!

Due to various reasons you can be unhappy with your teeth. QualiDent understands this and offers all the care you require. Based on your desires and expectations we will make a plan together that suits your needs, cooperating with some of the best dentists Istanbul has to offer we will make sure your treatment gets you a perfect set of teeth! After this it's merely a matter of scheduling in the trip to a date that fits your personal schedule and we will take care of everything else for you.


We deliver zirconium crowns and bridges of the highest quality. This is currently the leading solution in the dental world and guarantees you the best results.

At QualiDent we can match all of your desires. You can choose for a more natural looking aesthetic or we can help you to get the real "Hollywood Smile".

Everything we offer you is based on your own choices and needs and we will make sure that everything perfectly suits your requests.